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11 May

It’s Not Your Father’s Family Law Practice

Artificial reproduction technology — and a patchwork of laws — may catch some attorneys off guard. Mary Kay Kisthardt and Barbara Handschu, The National Law Journal August 4, 2014 | Source: The National Law Journal There is no question that interest in artificial means of reproduction is on the increase. A rise in the age

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29 Dec


By Julia Dasaro of The Dasaro Law Firm on Tuesday, December 29, 2015. A common issue which we often see is the nonpayment of child support. From the recipient’s side, the nonpayment of support can be everything from inconvenient to a devastating financial hardship when that support check is necessary to make ends meet. On

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19 Nov


By Julia Dasaro of The Dasaro Law Firm on Thursday, November 19, 2015. In a recent unpublished decision, R.C. v. R.W., Judge Lawrence Jones of the Ocean County Superior Court, Family Division, addressed the issue of signing a domestic violence restraining order against someone whose violence was instigated by the victim’s own violent provocation. In

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18 Nov


For many injured New Jersey workers finances are at the top of their list of worries. Workers’ compensation benefits can certainly be a big help to employees injured on the job. However, to best maximize the effect of these benefits, workers should know how the program works. Workers’ compensation provides both medical and financial benefits

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